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It's not just what we do, but how we do it.

The capabilities of Masters Group are built from the foundations of an exceptional team. Initiative has always been fostered at all levels. There's a supportive, family feel. Management has an open-door policy. There's a "no blame" culture here, because we beleive that such a culture doesn't help anybody.

Our approach has always been like "how can we make things better". Our staff is made of the best of brains & we encourage continous self improvement through training, feedback & personal development.People like working here & the continuity of staff gives our customers a better & dedicated working relationship.

We work within a fast moving industry where we need to be agile in order to meet the ever changing needs of customers. There's no challenge too big. We strive to provide best of everything & it's our pleasure to delive this to you. "Pride through Service" is our motto.

Making a difference.

What sets us apart ?

In a nutshell if you avail facilities of Masters Group, you will get the best of service available in the industry. Not only that, you will save more money than with any other company.

We can prove it to you. For every 1 Rupee you spend with Masters Group you get 3 Rupee back & you will notice the difference by the quality of service we provide. You will definately like it. We like giving you that level of service. Its a part of our culture. We take pride through service.

We make a difference to the companies we work with. The high level of positive feedback we get from clients tells us so. Some might say its hard to put a price on quality but we can show you the value. Welcome to our way of working.

Actions speak louder than words.


Masters Group offer following Services:

o   Gym Operator

o   Gym Management

o   Sports & Fitness Event Management

o   Sports Equipment 

o   Gym Equipment 

o   Sports Zone Operator

o   Sports Zone Management

·       Masters Group Own Ventures:

o   Masters Sports & Fitness Solutions

o   Masters Sports Zone

o   Toe 2 Top Fitness

o   TEENFIT – For Strong Roots

Head Office: Plot no.21 Tingre Nagar Near PNB Pune 411032 Maharashtra India