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Masters Intellectual Club primary aim is "Development of Sports & Sportsman in India"

Masters Intellectual Club wishes to achieve "Healthy Body" & "Healthy Mind" with lot of entertainment for the members of our club.

Masters Intellectual Club is for those people who always wish to do something in sports & also had many ideas for the development of sports & sportsman in India but due to own busy schedule & life never got a chance to implement but now DO NOT WORRY we are here with a special TEAM which will implement those thoughts & ideas of yours & will let you know the reason of its working & also with some expert guidance what more we could add to this.

Masters Intellectual Club will also provide complete guidance of sports & Fitness with having Sports Legends & Fitness related seminars & to understand the sport very closely we will be also organizing various sports & fitness events for Club members.


Club will be organizing Monthly events for all members of the club which will be divided into 4 segments Sports / Entertainment/ Intellectual Seminars & Fitness of Healthy Body & Mind.

Club will be providing complete coaching guidance to any member looking for sports as profession for their family members & will arrange as per the requirement of the member.

Club will be providing complete sports equipments guidance to members & if required will be arranging at a discounted rate from the equipment company.

Sports Legends Seminars will be organized for educating Junior & Senior members with different sports.

Club will organize Intra Members Open with different sports every quarter.

Club will organize Diet – Physiotherapist & Sports Psychologist Seminars for awareness.

Meditation workshops will be conducted for “Healthy Mind”.

Fitness workshops will be conducted for “Healthy Body”.

Intellectual Seminars will be conducted where “Development of Sports & Sportsman” will be the main topic & every member can share their ideas for the development & Club Management will be appointing a Team which will implement those ideas & will convey to you if it worked or not with reasons. So, in this way every member gets a chance to contribute for the development of sports & sportsman in India.


(Development of Sports & Sportsman)


I, the undersigned, am in good standing in my school and/or community, and in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of this club, hereby apply for membership for

in the Masters Intellectual Club, and I understand the annual dues will be

I believe the above information to be true and complete, and I desire membership in this club. I believe I can make a contribution to the club & development of sports & sportsman and be worthy of the friendship of its members.

parental permission

To be completed by parent or guardian where parental permission is required by law for minors:

I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to become a member of the above-named Masters Intellectual club.

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