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Terms And Conditions

1) The management of Chancellor Clubs will be vested in the Board of Directors of Chancellor Clubs and such executive may be appointed and authorized by the board for this purpose.
2) Every applicant for membership to the club shall not be less than 10 years of age. The club facilities may be used only by members. Spouse / dependent children & guests accompanied by members will be charged Rs.300/- per person per visit.
3) If the applicant would like to have combined family membership with the club then Club will offer 25% discount on the total amount & the discount will only be provided if the family members are in four in total & if less then four members 15% discount will be provided. While applying for membership, the applicant must clearly state whether he/she would require any dependent cards and the details thereof should be clearly specified in the application form.
4) Club Management will issue I Cards to all members who have completed the formailities.
5) Every applicant for membership shall submit an application in the form prescribed by the club, complete in all respects, for consideration by the management.
6) To avoid delay in scrutiny and/or acceptance of application, please ensure that application form is filled in completely and is accompanied by the requisite photographs, full payment as applicable and any other document if required.
7) Acceptance of the application form does not entitle a membership. The Management reserves the right to admit or refuse admission to any candidate and enrollment, as membership is subject to selection by the club managing committee whose decision shall be final and binding.
8) In case an application is rejected, membership application money will be refunded without interest.
9) The cheque should be drawn in favor of Masters Group.
10) The membership to the Club will cease at the end of each financial year. Membership shall not be deemed to have been renewed automatically. Membership will be renewed annually only if he/she pays his annual subscription charges for next financial year & fulfill the other terms & conditions of such renewal.
11) In case member fails to pay the bills within the specified period, their names will be put up in the 'Defaulters' list and will not be allowed to use club facilities unless dues are cleared.
12) If member delays the payments then he/she is liable for paying penalty of Rs.500/- per month. In case dues are not cleared within maximum period of 4 months, membership will be considered cancelled.
13) The Management shall be vested with sole discretion to revise the amount of annual subscription and any other charges, as and when deemed fit. Such terms shall be valid & binding on the members.
14) The annual subscription fee paid by member under the rules shall entitle the member to use only those Club facilities as prescribed by the management from time to time and the management may require a member to pay additional fees for the use of any other additional facility as may be decided by the management from time to time.
15) Spouse and dependent children of members will also be entitled to use the facilities of the clubs as mentioned above, but liabilities of expense incurred will be that of the member.
16) Guest can be brought by members but they can avail the facilities of the clubs only as per rules and regulations of the clubs and with the permission of the management. The name of the guest and that of the member will be entered in the register kept for the purpose at the reception. Guest of the members will be admitted only if accompanied by the member. The member will be held responsible for his guest's behavior in club premises.
17) The member is required to follow proper etiquettes including decent dress and good behavior in order to maintain the decorum of the club.
18) Every member will be liable to show the identity card on demand. The security guard reserves the authority to restrict entry to the club, in case of non-production of I-Card.
19) I/ We have fully understood the above mentioned rules and regulations and agree to abide by the same without any reservations for proper governance of the clubs.

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